Stupid Haikus 3

The haiku is a classic Japanese poetry form, and the best poets use it to convey emotion, scenery, and a sense of place. Haiku is often also used to convey the essence of seasons.

These are haikus only in so much that I am following the 5-7-5 syllable scheme, and, this time, I’m using autumnal free stock photos as “inspiration.”

3624676 - autumn composition
Copyright: funlovingvolvo / 123RF Stock Photo

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Stupid Haikus 2

The haiku is a subtle, elegant art form. The spareness of words makes each one fecund with meaning. They are shorter than a tweet, yet evoke scenery, emotion, and the passing of time. The following are not haikus, in that fashion. They are silly “poems” that follow the 5-7-5 syllable scheme and are prompted by free stock photos (and one hilarious photo of the family dog.)

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