Stupid Haikus 2

The haiku is a subtle, elegant art form. The spareness of words makes each one fecund with meaning. They are shorter than a tweet, yet evoke scenery, emotion, and the passing of time. The following are not haikus, in that fashion. They are silly “poems” that follow the 5-7-5 syllable scheme and are prompted by free stock photos (and one hilarious photo of the family dog.)


Poor Pippin

Too much off the top
Like Samson and Delilah
Whisper, “It grows back.”



Nostalgic objects
No phone, no pen, no person
We stopped using this crap


Copyright: honzik7 / 123RF Stock Photo

Swimmer stuck in time
Always about to surface
See? Look at her watch


Copyright: g215 / 123RF Stock Photo

It must be safe here
Surely, no storms will thunder
on this precipice


Copyright: olgacov / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: olgacov / 123RF Stock Photo

This needs to be fixed
Weekends will cost you double
Watch the plumber smile

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